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Our Mission Statement
To promote community awareness on all issues of life through advocacy, commitment to prayer, education, evangelization and outreach. Our Ministry encourages a Consistent Ethic of life approach in promoting reverence for life, which is rooted in the Gospel. It is our hope to build a “Culture of Life” that respects and protects all alike, particularly the most vulnerable; the unborn, persons with disabilities, the elderly and the terminally ill.

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April 1st, 2019

Sometimes a battle can be very public and easy to grasp and other times it can be fought behind closed doors in institutions and seem unduly complex for an ordinary person to grasp. This may seem the case for conscience rights for health care workers.
In a publicly funded health care system such as ours here in Canada, we must deal with evils such as abortion, contraception, sterilizations, gender re-surgery and mercy-killing being done in our hospitals and clinics.These evils are wrapped into institutions that do good as well, obviously…
Priests for Life Canada

    Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Like many other countries, Canada is faced with effective lobbying by interest groups in favor of euthanasia and assisted suicide. It is impossible to remain indifferent to the danger posed to the most vulnerable among us by such attempts. This page collects information and resources for those who wish to become well informed, to participate effectively in the public debate, and to propose truly human and Christian solutions to the challenges posed by aging, illness, and death. For further information go to Catholic Organization for Life and Family


It’s time Canada started regulating abortion. We are advocating for a law that would ensure all women seeking abortion have access to independent counseling, and a 48-hour waiting period between requesting and receiving an abortion. This law would also ban abortion after the first trimester.Right now, Canada is way out of line with international counterparts when it comes to protecting pre-born human rights…We need a law